Here's your opportunity to share your photos with other doll lovers.  Just email a picture  of one of your Viola Williams dolls in the setting you chose for it.  Pictures should be no more than 300 pixels.  Please send vertical pictures as they will fit better into the space provided.  Thank you  

  Entrance to  Janson Manor  from the collection of Janelle

The Doll Shop by Susie Overtoom

Arthur Doyle with a copy of "The Sign of The Four" on the table as he writes  "The Hound of Baskerville" from Maggie Flower

Mavis and husband welcome guests Joyce and Amelia with Brooke and Camilla outside ( ready to enter).  Display by Joyce Bockemuehl
Children's Playroom by Christine Pernetti

Lori O'Keefe placed Rochelle in an ultra-feminine
room looking very happy in her surroundings.

                 Rambling Rose Tea Room, by Beth Tolfree


  Pirate and his wench, Maureen Fukushima

Gypsy dances on table top, from the collection of Victoria Dewbre