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*  The doll's name. (OR OTHER IDENTIFICATION)

*  How you found my website

I acknowledge receipt of all orders, if you do not hear from me please email ( to tell me so.  Thank you.

IMPORTANT, please read the following:

PAY PAL: I recently rejoined P.P. and use it only for my eBay selling.  For eBay and all others, I prefer personal check or cashier's check in USD                                   
LAY AWAY:  Lay away may be available:  $50 down payment for each doll with a regular minimum $35 monthly payment for each doll. Layaway is also available for dolls purchased through eBay if the doll is paid for with a personal check or cashier;s check.  

The doll(s) will be mailed after the last payment.
 All payments are final.  Sorry, no returns for layaway dolls. Also, please complete payment within the same year it began.  Email me if you have questions.
Thank you


 I ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF ALL ORDERS.  If you order and do not hear from me, please email me at

RETURNS: Dolls can be returned for refund of doll's price only   IF: (1)  the doll is sent back by return mail, and I am notified on the day of its arrival that it will be returned....also (2) if the doll is returned undamaged.  Shipping is not refundable because the post office will not refund for a package that has been delivered correctly. .    Sorry, no returns on patterns, magazines, layaways, or custom-made dolls.