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Heirloom Miniature Art Dolls
Wendy Tobias

  • I have lots of old issues and I still get them out from time to time to look through them!  I wish it was still in print.  I would pay a lot to sub to it again!!  ....Bonita


  • "I loved the magazine, and hated when I heard it was ending. Thanks”  ....Betty Bush


  •  “This little magazine is really a Wealth of information on doll dressing and accessorizing.  I treasure mine and have used many of their patterns.”


  •  “What good value these wonderful magazines are … so many patterns and projects, and it’s so inspiring to look at the older work from many of the doll artists on the list and see how far they’ve come.”


  • “I will find lots of help with all the great patterns” ...Kathy


  • “I really can’t tell you how impressed I am with your magazine… I’ve been carrying the one you sent me around for days, soaking everything in and hoping to find the time to put some of it to use.”  ...Brenda .


  • “It’s such a shame that a beautiful magazine like this is no longer available!” ...Theresa .


  • “I treasure these magazines and miss receiving them, I can part with my other magazines but not those lovely little ones.  I really wish they would be published again”  ...Else

     * “I also have an almost complete set of DIM which I’ve been collecting for years only missing about 6 very early editions.  I always go back to them for inspiration and can find nothing close to it.”  ...Mary Williams.

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I miss the D in M mag.  It was the best one I have ever had