A recommendation from my customer, Anne Smith:
"Viola's dolls are made with an eye to quality and detail. Historically accurate they are also given individual personalities. She was patient with me while I worked on the logistics of buying from the US, and friendly as well as understanding in her emails. I recommend her highly as a doll maker, worth any hassle there may be in buying from abroad."

A recommendation from Denise Breault:
     "I have several of Viola's exquisite dolls and they are the beauties of my collection! Her work is beyond fantastic - in every detail!"

Pam Dixon wrote:
I love her, she is beautiful,....she is so beautiful, absolutely gorgeous and I love the little thing in her hair, now I want Elizabeth. you are a wonderful doll artist and I am very picky, so glad I found you"

From Christine Pernetti:

Viola breathes life into her enchanting, exquisite creations with fabulous details such as tiny eyelashes and faces so expressive that you could swear they were real and about to embark on some marvelous adventure in your 1/12th world.  The fabrics and colors she chooses are beautiful and her workmanship is glorious.  And the person behind these tiny wonders is someone who could be your best friend, helpful, patient, trustworthy, kind, and glad to share her gift with those lucky enough to get to know her and her work.  I highly recommend purchasing Viola's dolls."

From Elina:

    " A couple of days ago I received the beautiful spring bride!!!; thanks so much!! She is so sweet!!! I love the necklace with a touch of silver for closing it , the diamond ring, and the colourful roses bouquet with a touch of gold. I appreciate very much all these details. I also love the way the veil is put. And the colour of the lips. Beautiful dress and cute curly short hair!"