Adam $199.00

199Adam is the scholar in his family.  He could be a doctor, banker or any other profession suitable to an intelligent young man.

For people who collect a lot of dolls, or have a display that tells a story, I think it's important that not all the 'people' look alike.  In real life not everyone is beautiful and handsome...  Every once in a while I try to focus more on creating a 'personality' than on making a beautiful person. 

For example, you will notice that Adam's hairline has begun to recede.  It's an easy fix if preferred more hair, but I think that if he congregates among others, the whole scene will seem more natural.  So I won't add more hair unless it's requested.

He has auburn hair and brown eyes.  His hair has a slight wave.  He comes with a doll stand but with careful balancing, he can stand alone.

He wears a navy blue suit with a black cravat  His vest is blue checked with gold buttons.

                      Adam  with Sophia