Rochelle, $325

Good Morning!

 Rochelle has awoken and has begun dressing to begin her day.  You see her here pulling on her long black stockings...   or perhaps she is removing them as she prepares for sleep.

She  is the perfect addition for  m'lady's boudoir. and I believe she'd fit into most eras.

Her long red hair falls over her shoulders and down her back.  She wears a gown made of antique lace and trims.  A second pair of stockings lies on the lounge -- perhaps she has just removed it.. or maybe it rests there waiting for her to put it on the other leg.

Like all my lady dolls, she has "real" eyelashes over her painted lashes.

THE LOUNGE IS INCLUDED.. She is pinned to the lounge so can be removed if different piece of furniture is preferred.

Click on individual pictures and wait for picture to enlarge.

This doll and lounge can be purchased through eBay (item 323224419332)