Eeeek.... a mouse!! $299.00

Maid and mouse included in this sale.

The family maid screams as a little white mouse crosses her path.

 Does she recognized it? 

Is it that mischievous little boy's pet... or is it a stranger to the house? 

Either way... she is afraid of mice.. so she runs from it.

Or perhaps she's running from the master's advances....

Pose her in the story of your choice.... she's applicable to more than one scene.

Her expression is full of anxiety with an open mouth and an almost-audible scream. Her hair is disheveled as a result of her attempt to quickly exit the scene.

  Keep scrolling down......

She wears a checked dress with lace accents. Her apron is made from a vintage


Check out Mischievous Mikey... he might be responsible for the

 maid's  terrifying experience

Eeeek.... a mouse!! $299.00